Trends in Project Management

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The State of Project Management

More emphasis on softer skills, not just technical training has shown up in both 2016 and 2017 Trends articles. The following is a quote Moira Alexander posted at on| JAN 7, 2016 3:56 AM PT

“In addition to PM certification and technical training, softer skills and solid communication — whether verbal or written — will continue to increase in value. A large part of project management is people who are impacted to a great extent by interactions with other people. Skills like the ability to resolve conflict, deal with ambiguity, diplomacy and confidentiality will be at the forefront as more projects are globally implemented, and transcend language and cultural barriers.
Project managers will need to develop positive and constructive ways to address issues as they arise.  These soft skills are not easily found and will become increasingly popular and in high demand. Sometimes what may seem like an innocent gesture, word or even body language can cause big misunderstandings and discord. Other high-value soft skills that employers will look for in a project manager include agility, adaptability and the skills to rapidly refocus efforts, as well as sound judgement.”


Scrum projects are managed quite differently than traditional project management methodologies.

There are no project managers – instead their are ScrumMasters, whose primary job is to remove impediments for the team. They also are supposed to help the team be accountable to themselves.


PMP Certification

Today if you want to be considered at the top of the project management field, it is essential to be PMP certified. It demonstrates your commitment to your career choice as well as signifies your experience level and ability to understand the project management body of knowledge.


Also increased awareness and demand for PMP’s (Certified Project Management Professionals) has helped standardize project management education around the globe.


Software and Technology

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