Frank P. Saladis Certificate in Project Management is a certificate program offered by Universities who have collaborated with Successful Projects to provide a large pool of excellent project management instructors who are also industry experts.  Participants in this program are not only able to select and customize their own short course, they are able to select their instructor and get personal, one-on-one attention from someone who can help advance their career.  

Choose Your Track

 Fundamentals of Project Management

This track provides an introduction to general project management best practices. It introduces the student to a roadmap for good processes, the basic tools and techniques of professional project management, and guides students through the development of a professional project management plan with the assistance of an experienced coach/mentor. This program helps students gain the basic skills required to take on project management responsibilities in a professional work environment.

PMP® Credential Exam Preparation

The PMP® Credential Exam Prep track is for students who have significant project management work experience, and are eligible for the PMP® credential, but who need a thorough understanding of all of the project management processes to be prepared to pass the exam and perform at the level expected of a PMP. This involves a deep online preparation course and the opportunity to work with an expert PMP® exam prep instructor.

Specific Industry Project Management or Special Topics

This track is for project managers who are looking at industry-specific study in project management, a specific methodology, or a deep look into a specialty topic.  At Successful Projects we have many experienced instructors that focus on specialty areas including rescuing troubled projects, starting a PMO, Vision to Value training, and more.

Program Information

Originating as a collaborative effort between Successful Projects and the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Small Business Development Center and is now being offered through nine universities across the US.  This innovative and flexible Certificate in Project Management Program is at the forefront of personalized course construction.  Our instructors work to develop a fully customized project management course based specifically on the goals of the student, as we believe “one size does not fit all.”

All instructors in this program are contracted through Successful Projects and are PMP® credential holders. In addition, our instructors are experienced in both project management instruction and have significant real-world project management experience.

As for technology, our instructors are well versed in current communication technologies to ensure course material and instruction is delivered in a clear and concise, easy to follow format. As standard, work sessions are best held via Skype, web conference, or by using computer screen sharing.

 While building this program we were posed with the question, “If you were able to design the Project Management course of your dreams, what would it be like?” 
Here were our answers: 

1. There must be a pool of credentialed instructors who have real-world experience in varied fields.  With numerous professional fields implementing project management, we have put together a pool of exceptional instructors to ensure our students receive the highest level of education.

2. The program must be flexible.  Understanding practicing professionals are busy and time is something we manage every day, we built our program to start when the student is ready and mold to the individual’s schedule.

3. The program must allow students to work virtually, but with personal help and individual attention when needed.  In the same respect that our program is flexible, we created it to be mobile.  That is why our program is virtually based: to allow students to work on their coursework wherever and whenever they would like. Virtual meetings are a common communication method for today’s project managers.  Using this medium helps build the project managers technical meeting comfort.

4. The materials and coursework must be custom to my needs as a student.  At the beginning of the registration process, students will be asked to list their specific learning objectives.  Using these learning objectives as a building point, our instructors will individually craft course materials to help every student achieve their specific learning objectives.

Based on these responses, we have created the vision for the Frank P. Saladis Certificate in Project Management program and we are proud to say these values still hold true.